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Datsun 240Z race car

EUR 83.000
Rennfahrzeuge / Classics
Inseratstyp Verkauf
Inseratsdatum 25.11.2017
Inserats-Nr. ren539406
Zustand Gebraucht
Hersteller Nissan
Baujahr 1970
StvZo Nein
Hubraum in ccm 2498
Leistung in PS
Preis EUR 83.000

Datsun 240Z 1970 1 series new 2017 FIA HTP group 4 G2 division.
New build first run at Hockenheim in April 2017, after full preparation with rotrisse work and acid dipping and coating, with all the best part intrax suspension, VA roll cage, os giken 5 speed transmission with close ratio, 2498ccm 2,4 engine with triple carburetors making 273hp. A front runner car easy maintained and reliable.
For more info pictures and more detailed description contact delivery in EU can be arranged.

Lars Feldskov
Farum Hovedgade 82F 1tv 3520 Farum
Tel.: +45 (0)0045 40289192
Tel. 2: +45 (0)0045 40289192 Fax: +45 (0)0045 40289192

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