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Volvo 240 Turbo GrA, TL2401, -82, App. K

EUR 82.000
Rennfahrzeuge / Rallyefahrzeuge
Inseratstyp Verkauf
Inseratsdatum 15.8.2017
Inserats-Nr. ren538538
Zustand Gebraucht
Hersteller Volvo
Baujahr 1982
StvZo Ja
Hubraum in ccm
Leistung in PS
Preis EUR 82.000

- Thomas Lindström and his dad, Tage Lindström, built the car during 1982 and 1983. The car was named to TL2401.
- After one season the car was sold to Leif Wiik in Finland.
- After a few years the car was sold again to Kjell Tuvesson in Stockholm.
- Steffanssons was hired to do a service off the power train (engine, rear axle and gearbox) which ended with him taking over the car
- In 1998 Patrik Werner bought the car from Steffanssons
- I bought the car in the autumn of 1999 from Patrik Werner.
- During 1999 and 2000 I did a complete renovation of the car, incl. change of the body. Besides the kit for racing I developed a kit for rally, in order to be able to compete in both rally and circuit racing.
- In 2015 I got it classified for FIA Appendix K for hillclimbing, circuit racing and rally.

- Ready to Race FIA Appendix K classified Volvo 240 Turbo GrA for hillclimbing, circuit racing and rally.
- Engine: B21ET GrA with water injection
- Gearbox: Steel synchronized Getrag GrA with magnesium clutch cover
- Turbo: GrA Turbo
- Rear axle: SF-diff. Ratio: 4,88
- Brakes: GrA Brembo
- Car is today equipped for rally
- Racing kit from TL2401 incl. Eggenberger front end and centrum bolt for circuit racing follows
- Extra rear axle follows with a SF-diff. Ratio: 4,10.
- Extra Getrag gearbox incl. clutch and clutch cover
- Extra GrA intercooler
- Extra GrA turbo (ren. object)
- 10 rims, 15”, for gravel incl. brake discs for 15” rims
- 6 rims, 17”, for tarmac
- Registration number: GRZ 145

What doesn’t exists from TL 2401 is the aluminium roll cage, air jacks, rims for centrum bolt and rear axle. New production parts exists for this today.

Price: 82 000 EUR

Tommy Brink
Phone: +46708668873

Brink Motorsport
Tobias Brink
Verkstadsvägen 12 241 38 Eslöv
Tel.: +46 (0)707 931609

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