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TEST Clio Cup IV in Most (Czech Rep.)

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Inseratsdatum 19.2.2017
Inserats-Nr. ver24309
Ort Autodrom Most 
Hubraum in ccm
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Carpek Service team provides test in Czech Republic - Most Circuit.
Date will be known in next days. Probably in the end of the February, or start of the March. Depends on weather.
The car is 2017 fully upgraded Clio Cup IV.
Coaching on the place by expirienced team and driver Tomas Pekar.

Our team will participate Clio Cup Central Europe and Eset V4 Cup with 2-3 cars.

If you have an interest, please contact us:

CARPEK Service
Tomas Pekar
Blatecka 3952 276 01 Melnik
Tel.: +420 (0)731 114817

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